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Governance e-learning mapped to the DfE Competency Framework

Governance e-learning mapped to the DfE Competency Framework

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Most governors and trustees should now be aware of the DfE’s Competency Framework for Governance, which was published in January 2017. Prepared by a working group led by David Carter, the National Schools Commissioner, this attempts to identify those competencies which help to ensure good governance in schools and academies. If your school, academy, MAT or LA is subscribed to Modern Governor then here’s news of a very important update related to this, namely that:

All of the 50+ e-learning modules across the Modern Governor service are mapped to and searchable across the DfE’s Competency Framework for Governance.

This includes all of the Core Skills modules as well as those concerned purely with governance. It’s important to remember that the Framework – like any document which attempts to describe the behaviours and qualities of individuals involved in a complex system – is less of a checklist to be ticked to confirm the presence or absence of good governance, and more of a tool to be used to stimulate its development. On release of the Framework, above an almost discernible sound of pens being readied for box-ticking, David Carter said so explicitly:

Question: How are the modules linked to the Competency Framework?

Each module is linked to those broad areas of the Competency Framework for Governance – those areas detailed on page 2 of the framework:

Since governance arrangements vary enormously across schools, academies, MATs and LAs – and as the Framework is a tool for development – we’ve decided to take a broad approach to the mapping. For example, the Financial management for governors module is linked to section 2c. Financial frameworks and accountability, 2d. Financial management and monitoring, 2e. Staffing and performance management and 2f. External accountability. This means it’s by definition linked to section 2. Something like the collection of modules on Change management are linked to 1a. Setting direction and hence are included in a search for any modules related to section 1, which is Strategic leadership.

Question: I’m on the free trial. Are those modules mapped as well?

Anyone signing up for the thirty day free trial of Modern Governor gets full access to five of the mobile-friendly CPD modules – as these modules are part of the Modern Governor catalogue then they are also mapped onto the framework as well.

Question: How can I find which modules are linked with which sections?

We’ve prepared a short video (further down the page) on how to do this. In summary, there are two methods:

1. Click or tap on the Find CPD courses link and use the filters to narrow down the list of modules:

Filtering Modern Governor courses by Competency Framework section

2. Click or tap on the My Learning link and click on the links in the list of Framework areas which appears at the top of the page:

List of Competency Framework sections

Watch the video

This video (a couple of minutes) shows how to do this on a computer and smartphone:

The future

All newly-released and updated Modern Governor CPD modules will be mapped onto the most recent version of the DfE’s Competency Framework for Governance, and we also plan to introduce new options for certification in the future. Watch this space – and subscribe to the blog via email or follow Modern Governor on Twitter and Facebook to be the first to know when these updates come out!

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